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Higher Reign Music Publishing is a publisher who’s mission is to represent and market the works of a variety of songwriters, composers and performers, maximizing the use of their creations. Doing business around the world, HR Publishng develops an extensive network of professional contacts to propel the careers of artists under its wing. You may visit the web page of each member of HR Publishing’s team below, or again explore our online music catalog in the music section!



Our qualified and creative team is hands-on when it comes to developing new talent. When we take on a new artist, author and/or composer, we strive to facilitate his development, both personally and professionally. HR Publishing’s diverse resources allow its songwriters to collaborate on very interesting projects around the globe.

HR Publishing works closely with industry leading motion picture and TV music supervisors, advertising and label executives and publishing agencies in order to maximize the use of its catalog material through licensing. We are constantly exploring new and innovative ways to promote our catalogue titles as well as our artists, songwriters and emerging talent on our active rosters.

Registering your songs with all possible copyright management societies (ex: SOCAN, SODRAC SOPROQ, etc.). allows potential users to obtain an authorization to use your creations in exchange of royalties. HR Entertainment can registrer your works with these societies in order for you to benefit from the royalties owed to you as soon as possible.


Our Songwriters



  • Illa (Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes) – USA – Beat Placement
  • Dubba Jonny (Dubstep)Lyan Records – UK – Collaboration with Maldito
  • Crooks & Castles Clothing – USA – Music for viral video
  • Dj Battle (Virgin Music) – France – Guitar on Veni Vidi Vici Remix
  • Ville de Québec – Music for informative videos
  • Couvre-Planchers Labrecque – Composition for TV Ad (Radio-Canada)
  • Scotty Boi (Maybach Music Group) USA – Beat Placement
  • Bel-Mondo (Universal France) – France – Beat Placement
  • Plongée Nautilus – Music for viral video
  • AFI – Music for informative videos
  • Chaplin (Ind.) – CANADA – Beat Placement
  • Webster (Abuzive Muzik) CANADA – Beat Placement
  • Axel ( Higher Reign Music) – Canada – Beat Placement
  • Stecky (Higher Reign Music) – Canada – Beat Placement
  • Maldito (Higher Reign Music) – Canada – Beat Placement
  • Freekeez (Ind.) – Canada – Beat Placement
  • Concept (Ind.) – Canada – Beat Placement
  • Cor.c (Ind.) – Canada – Beat Placement
  • Mina (Ind.) – Canada – Beat Placement
  • Tony-6 (Ind.) – Canada – Beat Placement
  • Sebastien Dubois (Ind.) – Canada – Custom Compositions
  • Alie (Ind.) – Canada – Beat Placement