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About Us

Higher Reign Music Group was founded in 2009. Its mission: to create, promote and commercialize high quality and innovative music products internationally, while offering artists and businesses a complete range of music related services with outstanding customer service.

In order to fulfill its mission and to extend the range of services offered at HRMG, Higher Reign Entertainment, Higher Reign Studios and Higher Reign Communications were created. All three subsidiaries of Higher Reign Music Group, HR Entertainment became HRMG’s in-house publisher, HR Studios HRMG’s own recording and mastering studios, and HR Communications HRMG’s internal communications firm.

Today, Higher Reign Music Group has become the new benchmark in the Canadian music industry. Since its creation, HRMG brilliantly filled its mandate, namely to raise the standards of quality and customer service previously established in the fields of music production and publishing. Combining high quality facilities and expertise now valued by both national and international music industries, HRMG is growing fast thanks to its team as talented as passionate offering comprehensive and professional services of uncompromising quality, including recording, mixing, mastering, composition, musical arrangement, artistic career management, along with physical and/or digital music distribution. For anything related to music, HRMG is your ultimate partner!